Business Plan Consulting

Good news for all entrepreneurs


We are ready to make the real business plan for you, giving consultation and even introduce you to investors.

To find the right investor who may have an interest in your business may be challenging, but it is not the most difficult part because you can easily search for investors both venture capitalist or angel investors online. They received an average of 1000 proposal every year so the most difficult part is to win the competition over other thousands of the proposal, you need a brilliant idea, high expertise, experiences, strong team and ACCURATE BUSINESS PLAN PROPOSAL.

What can we do?

  1. Preparation of business plan in accordance with a good international standard
  2. Provide information about angel investors, venture capitalists, and other financing institutions
  3. Provide advice on the business plan made so as to reduce the possibility of failure
  4. Make an interesting presentation
  5. Introduce to investors (depend on availability and type of business)
  6. Market research/survey for your business plan
  7. Digital marketing (collaborate with Taiwanese partner in Taipei)

Part of the business plan will include a lot of analysis and research such as:

(Customized and will be adjusted to your need)

  1. Industry structure analysis (Porter five forces analysis)
  2. Political, economic, social and technology risk analysis
  3. Consumer behavior analysis toward our product
  4. Competitor mapping
  5. Identify market segment and target
  6. Product testing
  7. Price competitiveness analysis
  8. Identify strategic location for business
  9. Brand/sales promotion plan analysis and pre-testing
  10. Strategy decision making (SWOT, SPACE Matrix, Grand Strategy and QSPM)
  11. Financial projection and analysis
  12. Customized research as needed

All should use research and analysis technique, only opinion and common sense are not enough anymore as we think. The rest of information is from client about their own company, such as company profile and management team

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