Business Plan Training

Everyone has right and opportunity to start up and expand their own business but not all of them has a chance to learn about business planning, even people with great innovation or technology asset mostly are not from business study background, therefore they have the problem to find investment for their business.

A business plan is mandatory for getting investment from both institutional and individual investors, expanding their business both domestically and globally. So i provide short intensive business plan training for a business purpose to help entrepreneurship-minded people become the real entrepreneurs. I also make business plan for company to get investment and i open to any collaboration opportunity to create workshop of business plan, this business plan workshop would be targeted to start-up entrepreneurs and SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises).


  1. Participant can plan their business well and minimize “trial and error”
  2. Participant can work in company for planning job desk
  3. Participant can prepare their own business plan to get investment
  4. Participant can provide training or seminar, reteach it for making money
  5. Participant can be consultant for other company


  1. Trainer has many connections of venture capitalists, High Net Worth Individuals and other fundraisers to support investment need of prospective client’s businesses
  2. Trainer also provides customized business plan service
No Day                                                         Aspect
1 Day 1 Brainstorming,  Environmental Analysis (Porter 5 forces model, PEST analysis), Market Analysis (consumer, demand & supply), Competitor Analysis, Market Intelligence
2 Day 2 Strategic Decision Making (SWOT analysis, SPACE Matrix etc), Manpower Plan, Marketing Plan (Including Market Research)
3 Day 3 Financial Plan (Balance Sheet, cash flow, income statement projection), NPV, IRR, PI, DPP, ratios, an overview of investment or funding opportunities both domestic and international source, how to make Executive Summary

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